During this year’s International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce, on a shared press conference of SKB Drive Tech S.A. and Jelcz Spólka z o.o., the companies announced the new phase of Polonization of Jelcz military trucks.

Thanks to our offer and to good cooperation of Jelcz Board of Directors and R&D Department, conditions of implementing Polish drive axles to Jelcz 442.32 truck have been agreed – substituting thereby component supplied hitherto from abroad.

The conference took place on the Polish Armaments Group booth, in the presence of the Board Member of the Group, Mr. Robert Gut – both Mr. Łukasz Dudkowski, CEO Jelcz and Mr. Jakub Kowalski, CEO SKB DT, unanimously defined the present phase as a start for further implementations of our drive transmission components to Jelcz trucks.