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SKB Drive Tech S.A.

We are a family company with tradition dating back to 1912. We offer to our clients comprehensive solutions in the field of drive transmission systems, iron casting and metal processing, as well as overhauls and repair services.

We produce drive axles and drive transmissions for the most demanding applications. We cast gray and nodular cast iron. We overhaul and repair drive transmissions of all types, working in trams and electric multiple units.

Our strength is a combination of modern machine park with many years of experience and flexibility to meet customer requirements.

One of the most modern iron foundries in Europe and a full range of machining processes allow us to offer a final product from “one hand” – guaranteeing the highest quality and competitive price.

We supply the most demanding industries, such as mining, marine, railway and defence.

Drive transmissions overhauls

We overhaul and repair drive transmissions of all brands and types, working in trams and electric multiple units.

Thanks to our know-how and many years of experience in the industry, we offer overhaul and repair services of drive transmissions working in rail vehicles.

Having our own engineering department, a wide range of processes and taking advantage of the scale effect of the production company, we are able to offer our services in short lead times, in the most comprehensive scope on the market.

We are an authorized partner of VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH – thanks to which we also offer repairs of complete drive units, consisting of a transmission and a traction motor.

  • production company capabilities
  • iron foundry, CNC machining, assembly
  • own construction department
  • extensive quality control department
  • spare parts stock
  • direct cooperation with bearing manufacturers
  • test station with automatic data acquisition
  • shaft and rotor balancing machine
  • non-destructive testing

Modern iron foundry

We have one of the most modern gray and ductile iron foundries in Europe with an automatic core and molding line that allows the production of castings up to 2000 mm long.


Max. mold size: 2200x1400x1100 mm

Max. casting size: 2000x1200x900 mm

Castings weight 30 kg – 1000 kg


Max. mold size: 3000x2000x2000 mm

Max. casting size: 2800x1800x1800 mm

Castings weight 300 kg – 3000 kg

Gray iron:
  • EN-GJL-150
  • EN-GJL-200
  • EN-GJL-250
  • EN-GJL-300
Ductile iron:
  • EN-GJS-400-15
  • EN-GJS-400-18LT
  • EN-GJS-500-7
  • EN-GJS-600-3
  • EN-GJS-700-2
  • EN-GJS-1050-6

Drive transmission systems

We specialize in production of drive axles and drive transmissions, as well as independent suspensions, wheel reducers, gearboxes and other drive transmission systems.

We deliver our gearboxes and drive axles to customers from the most demanding industries and applications, such as:
– military vehicles
– self-propelled mining machines
– construction machinery
– rail vehicles
– city buses.

Our competitive advantage is flexibility in the approach to customer needs and short delivery times. We offer tailor-made products, according to individual customer needs. A wide range of manufacturing processes, including our own cast iron foundry, allows us to fully control the production process and guarantees security of supplies.

We offer prototyping, small, medium and large series. Our production line enables us to produce round 40,000 units per year.

Our drive units work on all continents and in all climatic conditions.

We produce both assemblies designed by our designers and in accordance with the documentation provided by the customer.

Quality management

Modern measuring and laboratory equipment as well as implemented quality management systems guarantee the highest quality of our products and services.

SKB Group

The SKB group consists of companies with various specialties. They support each other, creating a proven mechanism that effectively implements each project. Each of our companies also operates independently, implementing various projects in cooperation with other clients.

SKB LDR Limited

residential, commercial, industrial and public utility construction

SKB Constructions

general construction, finishing and earthworks; installation and engineering works; assembly, reinforced concrete and facade works

SKB Energetics

steel structures of halls, warehouses, sports and office facilities, industrial installations for the energy industry

SKB Plast Instal

production of pipes, fittings, tanks, reactors and chimneys made of glass fiber reinforced plastic

SKB Real Estates

sale and rental of offices, apartments and flats, including in a renovated tenement house, with access to conference rooms

Cordis Logistics

system solutions for the supply chain: transport, storage; employee outsourcing

SKB Epoxy Workshop

polymer-cement floors (micro concrete) and resin floors

SKB Drive Tech S. A.

comprehensive solutions in the field of power transmission assemblies, cast iron casting and metalworking