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Modern iron foundry

We have one of the most modern gray and ductile iron foundries in Europe with an automatic core and molding line that allows the production of castings up to 2000 mm long.


Max. mold size: 2200x1400x1100 mm

Max. casting size: 2000x1200x900 mm

Castings weight 30 kg – 1000 kg


Max. mold size: 3000x2000x2000 mm

Max. casting size: 2800x1800x1800 mm

Castings weight 300 kg – 3000 kg

Gray iron:
  • EN-GJL-150
  • EN-GJL-200
  • EN-GJL-250
  • EN-GJL-300
Ductile iron:
  • EN-GJS-400-15
  • EN-GJS-400-18LT
  • EN-GJS-500-7
  • EN-GJS-600-3
  • EN-GJS-700-2
  • EN-GJS-1050-6